16 December 2020

Extension of safety guidelines in Greek marinas until 19/04/2021.

With a strong sense of responsibility towards society, D-Marin is applying and implementing the latest Guidelines and Protocols of the Authorities for the safety of employees, customers, and visitors by following and applying. In this context, we announce all the necessary measures implemented in Greek D-Marin marinas until April 19th, 2021.

The arrival and disembarkation of passengers of private crafts, commercial tourist ships, and cruise ships of all flags coming from inside the country are prohibited. They are only allowed to sail in Greece considering the following cases:

  • Any emergency regarding mechanical failure and any damage that will affect the navigation safety and protection of the marine environment
  • Movements within ports and test sailing, according to orders and guidelines of Port Authorities
  • Supply of ships and vessels with fuel, water, and necessary supplies
  • Sailing to/from shipyards on an emergency, repair, or related engineering works

Considering the arrival and disembarkation of ships with no passengers coming from abroad – only crafts sailed from Albania and Turkey are prohibited – they are only allowed to sail by permission of the competent Port Authority and only for the following cases:

  • Access to ports and marinas of mainland Greece
  • Sailing to shipyards of mainland Greece by issuing all necessary certificates. By the completion of works and with no passengers, the ship is allowed to sail in the Greek port of marinas of the mainland.
  • After the arrival of ships in Greek port or marinas, the movement of captains, shipowners, or ship managers in the Greek Territory is prohibited and they are required to comply with the latest Health Guidelines and Protocols of the Authorities, which are posted on and
  • After the arrival of private crafts and commercial tourist ships, their crews remain in a mandatory restriction of ten (10) days inside the boat/ship and undergo laboratory medical examination at their own expense, in order to prevent public health in the Greek Territory from further spread of COVID-19.

In D-Marin all protective measures have been imposed and the access of visitors in our offices is discouraged as most services and communications can take place via email and phone while protective masks are mandatory while outdoors.

Management and members of D-Marin will continue to monitor the situation closely, both in Greece and internationally, to remain ready to respond to all needs during this challenging time.


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